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Solutions for Operational Standardisation

Command and control your business through operational standardisation. Bring your procedures up to the best ITIL standards and ensure your colleagues and employees are all working together towards a common end.

You can do this by bringing us in: we’re troubleshooters – the organisation specialists – we understand what is involved in getting to the point where all the business operations run smoothly, and every stakeholder is satisfied and sees a strong future with the business. We have huge experience of dealing with all types of organisations which need streamlining and managing.

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How we do it

We will assist you

We work within current ITIL rules and principles and will assist you to achieve operational standardisation. We will not impose these but will assist you and where possible influence a move to quality standards under the ITIL methodology of operational management, which will have a real impact on your organisation.

We will leverage our analytical, development and leadership skills to deliver strategic development and change both within your company and your markets. Our skills and experience will identify the optimum solution, so you can move your organisation forward to the next level.

Project planning

Stakeholder Organisational Governance Framework design

We will ensure that the organisation is appropriate for the level of projects being delivered. We will work with you to make sure that all stakeholders are fully engaged and that communication is proactive and regular.

Stakeholder Conflict mitigation and resolution

We are masters of negotiation and in ensuring that there is not conflict impacting the ability to deliver change. We work with all parties in a fully inclusive manner to create a stable and fully functional delivery framework and team from top to bottom.

Resolving organisation issues

We can assist you with any reorganisational issues, such as ensuring correct qualifications and the training available for new positions.

Project delivery

Project delivery specialists

Our specialists are all highly experienced and suitably qualified experts. Where appropriate we will choose people with industry-specific skills.

Our Managers will have at least 10 years’ experience, Analysts 5 years.

Delivery framework design and implementation

We will ensure the establishment and implementation of robust processes. Regular Board meetings and good governance will provide confidence to stakeholders and clients.

If appropriate a complete change to the framework can be implemented to ensure depth of qualified personnel and that processes are being followed.

Support for operations departments and exit strategy

You will continue to benefit from our input after delivery as we will train your employees who will facilitate our structured withdrawal.

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Operational & Organisational Standardisation

Strategic issue management.

Negotiate & Agree –

  • Joint methods of working.
  • Time, Cost and Benefits.
  • Action.
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Take ownership.

Establish –

  • A hierarchical organisation.
  • A complete delivery framework.
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Initial “As Is” analysis.

Define –

  • The whole end to end operational situation and create a Global best practices map based on ITIL.
  • Application of change management rules and processes to track all Risk & Issues.
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Motivate and Delegate.

Provide –

  • Robust Risk Management Controls.
  • Fully functional processes and procedures.
  • Implementation of ITIL Standards.
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Maintain & Implement.

Realise –

  • Full implementation under Change Management and Service Dev Ops control.
  • Full implementation of Business Intelligence Reporting & MI.

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